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In the spring of 2001, half a year before the planned release of their first CD, the boys of the band Skaladdin sat together in order to lament in endless discussions over their career dreams and the production of the CD. Finding a label is just one thing - finding a label with the same business philosophy as the band's is another. After balancing various offers it was finally decided not to hand out the management and to found an own label - Pimp Records was born!

Creativity, joy of music, devotion and many-sidedness were going to be the cornerstones of the band's and label's philosophy. The successful management of the band, the production and marketing of their CDs as well as an international ska-punk sampler ("Kick Ass Ska") soon showed that the concept was working out. Pimp Records was ready to conquer new horizons and it is nowadays involved above all in four areas:


The most important criterion for good collaboration are a band's and label's common interests. Pimp Records has set itself the target to have as little influence on the creative work of the bands as possible. On the level of production, however, individually balanced help is offered, ranging from simple co-financing of the CD to recording and production management.


In the marketing area, Pimp Records has built up a nationwide all-encompassing net of distribution partners. Products of Pimp Records can be found in various online-shops, in smaller CD stores as well as in the bigger chains of stores. Increasingly, contacts abroad are also cultivated.


With an experience of more than 150 organized concerts for national as well as international bands, booking is the figurehead of Pimp Records. In Switzerland, there exist contacts with most clubs hosting reggae, ska, punk and hardcore concerts. Tour organizations can also be taken on by our booking partners abroad.

Bus hire

Pimp Motors - a division of Pimp Records - has a tour bus at its disposal which can be rented by bands for single concerts as well as for longer tours. Reasonable prices and a comfortable interior equipment with X-box, DVD player, 20" flat screen and sound system will even turn a traffic jam on the A1 into a great pleasure.