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Bus hire

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Travelling to a venue can be a serious problem for an up-and-coming band. The rental of a van might soon exceed the concert fee and if the whole equipment is loaded in cars, half of the band will clink glasses with mineral water after a successful gig. Together with Skaladdin, who have been enjoying the advantages of a band bus for some time, a project was launched carrying the illustrious name of "Pimp Motors": We intend to rent a bus to bands at a fair price, which will make it easier for them to accept offers from distant parts of the country or even from abroad. With accommodating conditions of collecting and bringing back (e.g. we do not want to take back the bus on a Sunday morning at eight o'clock) as well as explicitly no kilometer limit, bands can easily comply with their important and eventful performances.

The bus which Pimp Motors offers for rent is the second offspring of the label's bus equipment department and is known by the name of Mona.


VW LT 31 (stretched version)

2.4 liter, gas

Variable interior equipment

- 3 seats, huge storage space (3.4m x 1.8m x 1.4m)

- 10 seats, medium storage space (1.3m x 1.8m x 1.4m)

- 16 seats, little storage space


- 4 channel sound system with CD-player

- connection to Minidisc, MP3-player via mini-jack

- 20" flat screen

- X-Box with 4 controllers

Legal concerns

The bus is insured against third-party risk and in case of rentals, drivers should be in possession of an additional driver insurance so that they will not have to pay for potential damages. In order to drive this car, a regular driver's license of category B is sufficient. When carrying more than 8 people (excl. driver), drivers, provided that they took the exam after April 1st, 2003, have to possess the category D1 additive as well. People who passed their exams before the date mentioned above will obtain the valid category automatically.

Enquiries and offers

Send an e-mail to or call +41 79 671 45 15.