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2007-05-23 | P.O. Box wanna leave their traces in Switzerland

Shortly before the 6 french guys start their fourth extended european tour, they first want to leave their traces in Switzerland. The idea occured on a very tight schedule, but if you are looking for a hard rocking band for the weekend June 15. & 16., don't look any further and contact us.

2007-01-22 | Hog Hoggidy Hog und Darwin

After a hard working summer and autumn for our van Mona - she had to drive William White to all his shows thoughout Switzerland - she had only a few month of relaxing time until now, a next big chanllenge follows. From the end of this month until the end of February, she will be the european home for the excellent Ska and Punk combo Hog Hoggidy Hog from South Africa. Petz will attend them as their sound engineer for the whole time. Even though it somehow did not work out to have a stop in Switzerland, you can still check their schedule on Roadshock. Enjoy the stay guys!

The first CD 'Let's Go and Die Tonight' from the new shining Punk'n'Roll stars Darwin is now available on our webshop.

2006-06-21 | Pimp Records Releases worldwide

All Pimp Records Releses are now available at Interpunk, the worlds biggest portal for punk, emo, HC and ska music. In Germany we have Rockhit that distributes our releases and in Great Britain one can obtain our CDs from Punkermentality. In the near future we can offer you more distribution partners all over the world.

2006-03-01 | Skaladdin conquers Europe - Bus hire stopped

From March 15 to somewhen in June Skaladdin travels Europe as the first part of their exended world tour. The second part will happen from July 'til November when the band takes the plane around the world. Their credible companion for the Europe-part will be our band bus called 'Mona' and bushire has therefore to be stopped. After about 35'000 km the bus will return here for a thorough inspection to see if it is still in rentable conditions and then we'll see if we are able to reopen our bushire later this year.

2006-01-01 | Happy new year

Pimp Records wishes you a happy new year, which for us will be a very interesting one. On February 11, Skaladdin is going to present their third album "Young, Handsome & We Know It" to the public and have a 6 week tour in Switzerland. After that, they are going abroad and have a huge 7 month world tour! Another early 2006 highlight will be the first CD-release of Darwin - a very promising Punk'n'Roll band from Hinterkappelen.

2005-08-23 | Openair Bachrausch cancelled

Due to very heavy rains lately in Switzerland (it's summer goddamn) the Openair Bachrausch where Catch-it Kebabs should have played had to be cancelled. The festival should have taken place next weekend, but the area is completely flooded, check out some pics. We hope that the festival team will be able to put it on next year. All the best to them.

2005-08-10 | Chico Tujillo's Switzerland-tour cancelled!

Every Swiss show that Pimp Records had organized for Chico Trujillo this autumn (Winterthur, Basel, Kreuzlingen and Thun) had to be cancelled. We are regreting this decision beyond our influence. The band from Chile will not have any concerts before August 2006. It is still absolutely uncertain when they will hit our country next time, but we will keep you informed on this website.
After those bad news, at least one good: Regatta 69 (Ska, USA) will tour Switzerland in December 2005. Stay tuned for more information.

2005-01-26 | Bookings

In the last year Pimp Records did the swiss bookings for international Ska-Punk bands like Shandon (Italy), Fuzigish (South Africa), Ska-T and Brainless Wankers (both from Germany) and of course Skaladdin our own child. Stay tuned for some more in-depth information about future plans in this area.

2003-11-12 | Skaladdin - Far-Off From Okay

After Skaladdin has returned home safely from their South-Africa tour, they are now ready to release their second album 'Far-Off From Okay' on Pimp Records. It will be available from November 15, on the same day as the record-release party in the 'Bierhübeli' in Bern will take place. Check out their official homepage for more information.

2003-07-13 | Reviews collected

Over the last days and weeks we have collected all the reviews we have found for our Pimp Records releases and put online. On the releases-page you will find a new link towards these reviews. Because of our residence in Switzerland, most of the reviews are written in german, but we hope to get more response from all over the world soon.

2003-05-13 | Back online

Troubles with our leased line and a broken modem at the same time made this twelve day absence from the electronic world happen. This broken connection to the internet did also disconnect our mail-server. People that tried to send us e-mails in the last two weeks, please resend them (in case you are still willing to talk with us ;-) ).